About the Lab Tour

Wednesday, October 25

Onsite Laboratory Tour and Reception:
CHTN: Cooperative Human Tissue Network
of Vanderbilt University Medical Center

(Limited to 50 participants)
4:00-6:50 pm

4:00 Shuttle Bus from Conference Hotel to Welcome Reception and Laboratory Tour
Tour participants will be dropped off at Medical Center North, Round Wing, directly adjacent to the building where the reception will be hosted (Langford Auditorium).

4:30 Welcome Reception

Hosted by
VanderBill Health


Lobby of Langford Auditorium
1 Garland Ave.
Nashville, TN 37240

Wine, cheese, meat and vegetables will be served.

5:00 Laboratory Tour at CHTN (walkable from Welcome Reception):

1301 Medical Center Dr.
4920 TVC Bldg.
Nashville, TN 37232

All participants will move to the TVC classroom for a 15-minute overview of the CHTN/VUMC repository and demonstration of IT Repository system.

The participants will be divided into 3 groups, with each group assigned to a CHTN team leader and will tour the area managed by the team lead with explanations and Q&A.
Group 1: Procurement and Surgical Pathology: 15 minutes
Group 2: Consent and Communications: 15 minutes
Group 3: Shipping and Fluids Processing: 15 minutes

Tour groups will rotate in each area and will meet back in the TVC classroom for a Q&A session and tour of the Tissue MicroArray Master (TMA).

The tour will span both the TVC building and the VUH building.

Dress code: Casual. No open-toed sandals.

6:50 Close of Tour

7:00 Shuttle Bus from Laboratory Tour to Conference Hotel
Tour participants will be picked up at Medical Center North, Round Wing.

To reserve your place, please visit the registration page.