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Presenting Thursday through Friday

Baptist Health South Florida
1.         SMART Recruitment and Consent: The Road to Success in a Hybrid Academic Community Cancer Center; Presented by Mercedes C.

Baptist Health South Florida
2.         Improving Tissue Procurement Processes to Efficiently Obtain Biospecimens; Presented by Elysse C.

Baptist Health South Florida
3.         Devising an Efficient Biospecimen and Data Sharing Platform; Presented by Rohan C.

Baptist Health South Florida
4.         Streamlining Cross-Institutional Processes: The Next Great Frontier for Supplying High-Quality Biospecimens to Translational Researchers; Presented by Melanhy D.

Baptist Health South Florida
5.         Dynamic Scheduling and Workload Distributions Model: Fulfilling the Demands of Precision Medicine Studies; Presented by Saira H.

Baptist Health South Florida
6.         An Integrated Oncology Data Warehouse for Complex Patients and Biospecimens Identification and Precision Medicine Applications; Presented by Peter M.

Baptist Health South Florida
7.         Breaking Barriers: Cultivating a Collaborative Infrastructure in a Hybrid Academic Community Cancer Center; Presented by Zasha P.

Beaumont Health System BioBank
8.         Quality Enhancements of Your Biorepository Through Continuous Metrics Review; Presented by Barb P.

Christie NHS Foundation Trust
9.         Facilitating Rare Cancer Biobanking in Manchester, UK; Presented by Sharzad M.

Kaiser Permanente Research Bank
10.       Kaiser Permanente Research Bank: Core Resource for Collaborative Research; Presented by Alexander L.