Past Poster Presentations Include:

AIDS and Cancer Specimen Resource

High Quality Specimens Are Critical Research Tools

Biomedical Research Institute  

An External Quality Assurance (EQA) Program for the Processing and Shipment of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMC) to the AIDS Clinical Trial Group (ACTG) Biorepository Improves Laboratory Performance for PBMC Cryopreservation

Brigham and Women's Hospital              

Refinement and Modernization of Approaches Toward Collection, Storage, and Tracking of Archival FFPE Tissue Samples: Strategizing Based on Analysis

Cell Data Sciences

Using Catalysts to Rescue Nucleic Acids from Formalin-Fixed Tissue Samples

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Specimen Evaluation, Quality Assurance Project (SE'QAP): Assessing Quality Within the Historic Alaska Area Specimen Bank

CReATe Fertility Centre

Setting Up the First Canadian Fertility Biobank

CReATe Program, Inc.

Quality Evaluation for Biobanking Human Granulosa Cells

Dasman Diabetes Institute

Specialized Research BioBank - Current Prospect at Dasman Diabetes Institute Kuwait

Duke University

Terminology for a Centrally Supported Biobanking Information Management System at Duke

Duke University

Duke BioRepository and Precision Pathology Center (BRPC): Building a Centralized, Pathology-Based Resource to Drive Academic Research

Eastern Maine Medical Center

Eastern Maine Medical Center BioRepository and Translational Research Lab

Eversight Vision

Northeast Ohio Eye Disease Donor Registry and Biorepository

Fluidigm Corporation

Human Sample Authentication Using the SNPtrace™ Panel: A High-Throughput, Cost-Effective SNP-Based Platform for Fingerprinting Human Tissue and Cell Lines

Food Industry Research and Development Institute

Cell Banking at Bioresource Collection and Research Center (BCRC)

George Washington University

High Quality, Ethically-Collected Specimens Are Critical Research Tools

Georgetown University

Next Generation Living Biobanks (NGLB): Cryopreserved Human Specimens for Long-Term Expansion Using Conditional Cell Reprogramming Technology

Gundersen BioBank Oncology Research Laboratory

The Gundersen Medical Foundation Cancer Biobank, a Multi-Decade Resource for Cancer Research

Information Management Services, Inc.

Successfully Sustaining an Open Scientific Resource: The NHLBI Biorepository

Intermountain Heart Institute

Development and Implementation of a Biospecimen Quality Plan for Stored Plasma

Karolinska University Hospital

Three Mean Issues of Population-Based and Disease-Oriented Biobanking for the Preservation of Liquid-Based Gynecological Cell Samples

Krishagni LLC

OpenSpecimen - Experiences of Collaborative Development of an Open Source Biobanking Informatics Platform

Louisiana Cancer Research Center

Louisiana Cancer Research Center (LCRC) Biorepository: Where We Stand

McKing Consulting Corporation

Successful Postmortem Tissue Collection: The National ALS Biorepository Experience

National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences

Brain Banking in India: Review of Its Contributions to Neuroscience During the Past Two Decades

National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Enhancing Access to DAIDS HIV/AIDS Specimen Repositories

NYU Langone Health

Support of Cutting Edge Clinical Research: A Biobanking Perspective

Ochsner Health System

Innovative Modeling of BioBank Business Operations to Strengthen Financial Sustainability at a Regional Health System

PROCURE Alliance

The Québec PROCURE Prostate Cancer Biobank Uniqueness: A Wide Spectrum of Samples and Data Prospectively Collected from Each Patient

PROCURE Alliance

Interrogating the Sample Mispairing Frequency in a Prospective Prostate Cancer Biobank

Public Library of Science (PLOS)

Open Access, Data and Methods Considerations for Publishing in Precision Medicine

Radboud University Medical Center

'The Donor as Partner': Guidance for Biobanks in Engaging Patients and Citizens

Radboud University Medical Center

Radboud Biobank: A Central Facility for Prospective Clinical Biobanking in the Radboud University Medical Centre, Nijmegen

Seattle Children's Hospital

Development of Statistical Process Control Parameters for Tissue Quality in a Statistical Process Control Parameters for Tissue Quality in a Pregnancy Related Biorepository

Texas Heart Institute

Temporal Changes in Peripheral Blood Cell Populations After Treatment with Bone Marrow Mononuclear Cells: A FOCUS-CCTRN Biorepository Analysis

University Health Network

A Cancer Center’s Large-Scale Rapid (Warm) Autopsy Program: Unique Insights into Tumor Kinetics and Biology

University Health Network

Next Generation Biospecimen Sciences Supporting Future Research at University Health Network, Canada’s Largest Academic Hospital System

University Health Network

Preserving High RNA Quality During Laser Capture Microdissection of Frozen Tissue Sections

University of Colorado

A Novel Bioinformatics Approach to Simultaneous Analytic Validation of 100+ Genetic Variants from the CLIA-Certified Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine Biobank

University of Michigan

Novel Methods for Central Access to Enterprise-Wide Biospecimens and Affiliated Clinical and Genetic Data in a Large Academic Medical Center

Vanderbilt University

The PathLink Acquired Gestational Tissue Bank: Feasibility of THE PLACENTA Project

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

An End-to-End Donor Repository System in an Academic Environment


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